Saturday, August 8, 2009

Easier Python script execution in Widows

While this post does not contain a sample script as all previous posts do, it can make creating and executing scripts easier if you are working on a Windows machine. There are two things that I like to set up to accomplish this:

1) Make widows execute scripts at the command line without needing to type "python" before the name of the script, or the letters ".py" after the name of the script.
2) Put the folder that contains all of my commonly used scripts on the system Path.

To accomplish the first step, do this:
Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environments Variables
In the new window that shows up, scroll down in the bottom list to find PATHEXT. Double click on it and add ";.PY" to the end.

Once you are done with that, double click on the "Path". Append ";[FULL PATH TO YOUR SCRIPT FOLDER]" to what is already there.


If you have a script in your folder that you just added to your Path called "" you can now simply type "helloWorld" and it will be run. It isn't that much better than "python", but I prefer this method.

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